Sunday, April 5, 2009

Date Night!

The hubby and I actually got to go on a date last night! By ourselves, no kids, no other It seems like we always do things with other people but never just as us. My parents had invitied the kids to both spend the night so we had all day yesterday to plan what we were going to do. Oh, to be wild and free again! We decided to go the dinner and the movies, so then we just had to agree on what movie to go see. I didn't find anything listed at either the new run theater or the dollar theater that I just had to see, so I let the hubby narrow down the choices. He came up with either seeing "ILove You, Man" or "The Watchmen". I picked "I Love You, Man" but then he said he really really wanted to see "The Watchmen" so I agreed. Big mistake. The movie was awful. It was dark, violent and disturbing to me. Plus it was almost three hours long. Halfway through, after one particularly disturbing scene, the hubby started apologizing to me. I closed my eyes and tried to nap through the rest of it. I learned a lesson, I will NEVER go to the movies again without sticking a good paperback book in my purse. If I would have had one, I would have gone out to the lobby to sit and read, the movie was that bad in my opinion.

After the movie was over (and I had told the hubby that he had lost all rights to ever pick another movie again), we went to Applebee's for dinner. At least that was very pleasant. I got the Lime Chicken and YUM! It was so good and melted in my mouth. Hubby got his favorite Oriental Chicken salad. The couple at the tabel next to us had their two small children with them, one looked about three and the other about 9 months. The nine month old did the typical "Hey, we're out in public, let's do projectile vomiting all over Mommy" routine. The hubby and I just looked at each other and started to laugh because we have been there, done that and got the Tshirt!

All in all, it was a nice break for us. And what was really bad is that we were home by 9pm. Sheesh, we ARE getting old!

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  1. hee hee. cute as the kids were, things like that make you appreciate them growing up. and i will say it is neat to see them developing into their own persons.