Saturday, February 21, 2009

The sock monkeys are coming!!

I am one of those people who think sock monkeys are way cute. When we got one in the mail for Makayla from Sarah at I Blame My Mother for her bloggy carnival giveaway, things in our household were about to get very interesting. Makayla fell in love with "Pinky" immediately and Tyus was equally enamored. I was impressed with how nicely made Pinky is. Sarah is very talented! I can barely sew a button back onto a shirt, let alone make an adorable stuffed animal out of a sock. Sigh.

Anyway, as any mother of more than one knows, it's hard to have one child get a new toy and the other not want it too. Therefore, I made my way into the Etsy world and found another talented mommy who makes sock monkeys.

Ashleigh at was a complete joy to work with. When I told her I was looking for a sock monkey for my son, she sent me pictures of all the socks she had available. I picked out a really cute green argyle sock, sent Ashleigh an email and Voila! Two days later my son is doing the happy dance in the living room with "Hearty", his very own sock monkey. The little details on Hearty, like the heart shaped nose, the curly tail and his own little fuzzy scarf makes him a true gem. But hey, don't just take my word for it. Head on over and check out all of Ashleigh's quirky little buddies! These would make perfect Easter basket buddies and you are supporting a work at home mommy to boot!
The moral of the story is I now have two very happy children and two wonderful handmade sock monkeys to grace their rooms. All is well in the world!


  1. I'm so glad to help round out the fairness! Hopefully Hearty will keep the peace and make TY happy for a LONG time! My daughter's are happy to see him with his new owner!

    Oh and look, you made me join a blog! I did just get myself a fancy Blackberry... so maybe this is a good thing for on the go. God knows I have lots of stories and scenerios being a mom of 3 crazy little ones!

  2. My sister loves Sock Monkeys so I will most definitely be checking her out!