Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update on hand- I am NOT a wimp!

I went back to my hand surgeon Friday morning to have the inital cast/splint/wrappings taken off. I was a little bit concerned about my wimpiness factor because I have still been experiencing some pain and achiness in the hand. Once again, I assumed that because it was a simple cyst removal, that all these issues should have resolved within a week or so. Trust me, people in the medical profession make the WORST patients.

When the nurse cut off the wrappings and left the room, the first thing I did was whip out my cell phone, take pictures of my wrist and send said pictures off to all my friends and family. Doing that was so much easier than calling each person individually to let them know how my hand was doing. Plus I figured I could get some major sympathy brownie points from my hubby who had just gotten home after a two week business trip!! Isn't technology a great thing? What I really found amusing (and what I had forgotten) is that in purple permanent marker on that wrist is the word "yes". In other words ,"Hey doc, this hand, not the other one!"

Dr. Danis came in, checked the wrist, pronounced that the incision looked good and changed me out to a new splint that I can actually take off to shower. No more wrapping my arm up to my elbow in the lovely blue newspaper holder plastic bags! Woohoo! I have to wear this splint 24/7 for a minimum of two weeks and then we will see how my wrist is doing. I did question him about the continued pain I was having and he informed me that because the base of my cyst was extremely wide, he had to do more than what is usually done for a normal ganglione cyst removal. (Of course, why would I ever think that anything pertaining to me would be normal??) He actually had to rough up the bone and stick the ligament against it to try to seal off the cyst capsule in addition to a bunch of stiches on the inside of the incision. As nasty as that sounds, I felt better hearing that there was a real reason for the pain and I am not just a wimp.

Thank you to everyone who kept me in their thoughts and my family/friends who helped me out during these last few weeks!

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