Friday, March 6, 2009

Five year olds and musical beds

It's Friday night and I am exhausted. It has been a rough few weeks with the hand surgery and my sleep patterns getting all disrupted due to the ongoing pain. I finally thought I was getting back into a normal sleep routine but someone has forgotten to tell the five year old that.

This really isn't a new issue with him. He loves to be close to someone when he sleeps. Preferably to him, that someone is me. My hubby and I have gotten used to him crawling in our bed in the middle of the night so most of the time it doesn't wake us up. the trouble is, with my hand being in a splint, I need some extra space. The queen size bed is ok for the hubby and I but throw in the boy and it gets tight quick. Last night, I couldn't even roll over because ty was plastered up against me. So I went to his bed to sleep. A little while later I wake up and realize he is back in his bed with me. When Travis gets up to go to the gym in the morning , he wakes me up and I go back to my bed.

Now this is pretty much routine. The problem is, I need to figure out how to break Ty of this habit. I need sleep and he needs sleep, with each of us in our own beds. This is where I turn to my fellow mommy bloggers to beg for help, ideas, suggestions and mommy wisdom!



  1. Oh dear I wish I had a suggestion, maybe let him sleep with your pillow? Hey i have an award for you here award

  2. I fell pray to that with my first son. It killed me when I had to tell him he had to go back to bed. I bought him a special stuffed animal (Puffy) and the first night he woke up I gave it to him. I walked him back to bed and told him Puffy wanted to sleep with him now that he is a big boy. It was tough, but it finally worked out. With my second son I never, ever let him crawl in bed with me because I learned from my first son...however, I do snuggle with him in his bed some times - but only for a little while.
    Hope this helps...keep me informed.


    PS We will have to share GSP because I LOVE HIM! :o)