Saturday, March 7, 2009

Setting Goals for 2009.....

I know,I know, resolutions are supposed to be made to start on the first day of January. But I read somewhere that the best thing to do with goals is to NOT make them as New Year's resolutions but to wait a few months until the holiday aftermath has gone away. This actually made sense to me. So here we are in March and I am ready to try to set some realistic goals for myself for the rest of 2009.

Goal #1- Be more organized. I understand this seems like a very general goal but I figure if i set minigoals for myself in this category andwork towards those everyfew weeks, I have a much better chance of succeeding! So mini goal one is to go through my closet and clear out my shoes! That should take me awhile! Then I will follow through with my Goal #4 with what I am getting rid of!

Goal #2- Take better care of myself. This is something I need to do for myself, not for anyone else. My BFF just called me to remind me that we had made a deal to buy bikes and ride together this year. She just picked her new bike up today and was all excited about it. This is a great idea but the bike riding will have to be put off for a few months until my wrist is back to normal....

Goal #3- Learn to cook. Currently the hubby is the chef du jour at my home. That's really not fair. Cooking is something I have never considred myself good at and therefore I do not enjoy it. I want to make a goal to pull my slow cooker out and try a new recipe once a week. It can't be that hard, can it?

Goal #4- Donate, donate, donate! I have a houseful of stuff that I do not use that I am sure someone else would love to have. I plan on heavily utilizing Freecycle and my favorite organization, Vietnam Vets, to get this stuff to people who need it!

Goal #5- This one is simple and fun for me! Commit to blogging at least three times a week. I am enjoying sharing and learning from the bloggy community!

So, tell me. What are YOUR goals for 2009?

:) Cat

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