Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wonderful Words Wednesday

I thought I would make my post a weekly goal called Wonderful Words Wednesday and list the best things my kiddos have said for the week:

Makayla: Thanks Mom, I love you. You're the best mom ever! (Said twice this week and not in direct conjunction with "Can I have a raise on my allowance?") I can't even recall what was happening at the moment but those words make me feel so good!

Conversation overheard from Tyus to his Grandma Marilyn:

I have a really comfortable mom! (The background on this is that he had crawled into our bed and I ended up going to sleep in his bed because I need more space for my hand. He wandered back into his room, crawled back into his bed where I had moved to and proceeded to drape his legs over my one leg while tucking his toes under my other leg.) Coming from a five year old, I take this as the ultimate compliment!

I love the little things that pop out of their mouths, well, most of the

Happy Hump Day!

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