Monday, March 2, 2009

Something's got to give (and it better not be my pants!)

I had THE moment tonight. You know exactly what I am talking about. I ran over to the local Marshall's store after dinner to use the gift cards I have been hoarding for the last several months. Really, I was just going to get a computer bag/work tote! Honest! Unfortunately for me and my aluminum clad willpower, there were clearance racks. LOTS of clearance racks. So I picked up three pairs of The Limited dress pants for work. And two pairs of Bitten cropped sweat pants. And some black socks. And I got this totally awesome computer bag that looks like a high end Hollywood drama queen purse. I went above my gift cards by twenty bucks so I am ok with that.

THE moment came when I was emptying out the bags and tried the dress pants on. First pair, no problems. Second pair, Uh oh. Button is tight. Third pair, UH OH! This is not good. Now, these pants are the same size I have been in for a while. I truly doubt that the Limited has decided to recessionize their sizing by cutting back on the amount of fabric they put in these pants. Even though I think that sounds like a pretty darn good explanation!

As for me, this means the D word:
Daggone I've Eaten Toomuch!!!
I can't even bring myself to say it. Time to take the hangers down off the Norditrack clothes rack (aka treadmill) I have in my bedroom. Time to reclaim the fitness ball from the kids. Time to pull my walking shoes out from behind the fuzzy winter boots where they have been hiding. I am not even going to give the scale any satisfaction by stepping on it. I don't want to know. I don't need to know. I know enough and I refuse to go into the next size.

I'll let you know how it goes. And oh yeah, tell Ben and Jerry I changed my address. The next bulk delivery of cake batter ice cream will just have to go somewhere else!


  1. Nice problem isn't ice's twitter and blogging. I don't exercise...

  2. Whew.. my problem is COOKIES!!

  3. Oh fun fun....You are handling it well....(I usually comfort myself with ice counter productive as that may be :)

    Good luck with the loss!!! (and the new pants!!)

  4. LOL I am dieting also, well not dieting changing my life! LOL Turning over a new leaf! So far so good I have dropped 35 lbs! I wish you the best of luck!! Thanks so much for your comment, I'm glad your son enjoyed it as much as me!! LOL

  5. Everything is my problem! LOL! I had that moment just a while ago when my blog reader went to my BFF's blog and asked her whether I'M lacking in exercise?? And he can't even ask me himself?? Jeez...

    But then again, I can't say that he's totally off base.. because I should've started exercise like 5 years ago.. LOL!

  6. I know that moment oh to well! Heck I lost all my baby weight plus some 18 months ago and guess what I have found it again around my butt!