Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reality TV Junkie

The hubby and I finally got to sit down tonight and catch up on all of our DVR'ed TV shows for the week. Scrolling down through the list, I realize I have a problem. I am a reality TV show junkie.....the worse of a train wreck of a show, the better in my eyes. Now Survivor really doesn't rank up there as a train wreck but boy o boy, some of my other I admit I watch Bret Michaels Rock of Love Bus. I loved watching Charm School 2. But by far, my favorite train wreck of a show has been Tool Academy. I don't know if anyone else has even heard of this show but it is where a bunch of egotistical, testosterone laden, pumped up tools get schooled in how horrible they have been to their current love interests. The guys thought they were trying out for a show called Mr. Awesome and instead got pulled for the Tool Academy. The girlfriends come in and each week, the couples have to work through an issue involving counseling and a challenge to try to "untool" the tool. Well, the finale was tonight and the couple that I thought had worked the hardest won. Josh and Ashley actually got married on tonight's finale! I truly hope they make it because out of all the couples on the show, they seemed the most sincere.

With all due respect, I am glad it is not me on the TV every week. I don't think I could ever play out my inner most feelings and fears on TV, no matter how big the check was for at the end of the episode. I have learned my lessons in the past about keeping my true feelings and thoughts close to my chest, for my sake and for my families sake. To me, having all of my life shared for general consumption would make it less precious to me. At least with blogging, I get to choose what I share, when I share and how much I share. I can control whether I post my mommy mugshot or not. I don't have to question whether or not I am selling out just to make "good TV".

Maybe I should question why I enjoy these shows so much when I can't even watch them with my children in the same room.

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