Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who is Ken Kenobi????

I love it when my kids play dress up. I enjoy hearing the story lines they create and seeing them use their imagination instead of just sitting glued to the television set. Every year after Halloween, I go and buy up a bunch of the left over costumes to update their costume box. To me, that little expenditure provides a lot of great times for Mak and Tyus.

The current kick is Star Wars. I used some of my Amazon gift cards that I got from Swagbucks to get them a Clone Troopers Dress up chest and two new lightsabers. So last night the two of them are playing Star Wars. Makayla has taken a cape that she had from a Batman costume past and is pretending to be the Emperor. She has assigned Tyus to be Annakin Skywalker and defend her against the Rebel Troopers. They are running through the house, blasters and lightsabers in hand, fending off imaginary opponents. It was really cute to watch! The funny part is after I told them it was bedtime and to go brush their teeth, I can still hear Makayla playing the Emperor role in the bathroom. She is explaining to Tyus that only the Emperor can have the special Sonic care toothbrush but after he gets better trained, he can have one too. Tyus was asking her if he was currently Annakin Skywalker or Obi Wan Kenobi. Mak responds "You are Annakin but after you are trained you can be Ken Kenobi." Tyus was like " Huh? What? Who is Ken Kenobi?" and Makayla just started laughing.

I'm right there with Tyus. Is there really a Ken Kenobi who is Ben Kenobi's long lost twin brother and I just missed that episode?? I really need to pay better attention!


  1. Hi! Hey, just wondering, what does seccymama mean? Do you mean "sexymama"?

  2. You are right! It is a nickname my hubby calls me.... :)

  3. was it kin kenobi? as in ana"kin"? seriously, we are probably better off not knowing how their minds work, but they definitely are amusing:)